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In the past, I worked hard, but I wasn't working smart. In my time in the personal branding world, I've learned a lot about working most efficiently, as well as what keeps many online business owners from generating the income they want. Here are 7 of those things:


1. They've got the wrong things on their calendars.

2. They haven't learned the next critical skill.

3. They're not clear on their anchor offer.

4. They're not getting paid for the same product or service more than once.

5. They're creating the wrong content for the wrong people.

6. They don't know their numbers.

7. They don't have a true product suite.


To address these issues, I've come up with a social media strategy that combats them and allows me to create a lot less original content. I follow these steps:


1. Tweet several quotes over 2 weeks.

2. Review which quotes got the greatest engagement.

3. Create an Instagram graphic of that quote.

4. Create a Facebook post of that quote.

5. Write a blog post that features that quote.

6. Send my email list that blog post or create a podcast episode out of it.


Practice these general principles and join my free webinar, and you'll be well on your way to working smarter and getting the income you desire.



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