You Are The Brand

This is one of the most important interviews I've ever done, because it has to do with the financial side of running a personal brand business.

Jessica Mae from the Bottom Line CPA has been the single-handed biggest change agent in my business over the past year.

In this interview, you'll hear how my own financial negligence completely cleaned me out a little over a year ago, and how Jessica and her team brought me up from rock-bottom to get to a healthy place in my finances.

We talk about the "Profit First" plan and the process by which Jess led me to create systems, gather facts, and then plan my profit strategy.

I often joke that I'd let every other contractor I hire go before losing Jess and her team, and it's actually very true. 

If you struggle AT ALL with finances in your business, i.e. budgeting, payroll, taxes -- anything -- please listen to this interview as I believe it is the most important podcast I've ever done in my entire life.

The Bottom Line CPA:


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