You Are The Brand

Is inconsistent marketing getting in the way of better clients & more money?

You had the best intentions, but you never got serious about marketing in 2015. Your workload is a roller coaster and your marketing gets back-burnered when you get client work.

You're running a business (and a life) so you just don't have blocks of time for marketing. You need more (and better) clients but you get paralyzed because you're not sure which marketing efforts will work.

You need a simple plan that will take your business up a notch.

Today's guest, Ilise Benun from is here to help. I've been following Ilise for quite awhile and have to say -- her content in top-notch. She's a brilliant marketing mind, and this interview is full of great perspectives on types of content marketing, ways to connect with people at live events, and much more.

I'm going to personally follow this guideline for the first quarter of 2016 and see what it does for me. Tune into this episode and join me on the journey.

Find Out More About Ilise here:

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