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You may have heard of the idea of “practicing gratitude” - but how do you actually do it?

One of the keys in recent years for me has been journaling. Why? The starting point to having the courage to be who you are, no matter the context, is being comfortable with yourself. You have to learn to spend time alone, to self-reflect, and to become increasingly self-aware.

I’ve journaled for a long time, but in recent years (especially after starting my own business) I realized I needed a system that helped me ask better questions and reflect on my own emotions in a deeper way.

Generally, I journal both in the morning and in the evening. In addition to free-writing, I use these two frameworks:

Morning Journaling:

  1. Write 3 things I’m grateful for.
  2. Write 3 things that would make today great (things you can control).
  3. Write 3 personal affirmations.

To keep things fresh, I use 4 sub-categories when documenting what I’m grateful for:

  1. An old relationship or friendship that helped you
  2. An opportunity, current or past
  3. Something great that happened yesterday
  4. Something simple within my sight

Evening Journaling:


  1. Write 3 amazing things that happened today.
  2. Write down 1 thing I could have done to make today better.


My Tools of the Trade:


  1. Gallery Leather Desk Journal
  2. Moleskine Classic Hardcover Notebook
  3. Full Focus Planner
  4. Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pen


If you like this podcast and are thinking of creating your own, consider talking to my producer, Danny Ozment. Here’s an article he wrote about the benefits of podcasting:

A Few More Podcasting Benefits

Check it out and then schedule a FREE strategy call with him at the bottom of that page.

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