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Every few episodes we'll be doing a listener Q&A episode, and this is the first one!

Most of these questions have come in via my Instagram channel at

If you have a question, hit me up there and we may end up using your question on a future episode! Joining me as co-host on this episode is my friend, former assistant, and travel expert Chelsea Brinkley. Check out Chelsea on Instagram at!

Here are the questions that were sent in:

1. The big problem I’m trying to solve in my life, at the moment, is deciphering the next season in my life. I’m 36, and have been an educator for 13 years. I’m finding myself bored and unfulfilled. I’m seeking a new direction, but having a hard time finding which way to turn. To me, creating something from nothing, and having someone else find enough value in it to purchase it, is an indescribable feeling. I have an Amazon FBA business that I started just last year. It’s been an awesome ride, but I can’t seem to shake past the fear of going all in. I question whether I can still serve others and serve God in an e-commerce business. - Ryan

2. Hi Mike, I’m founder and director of an outreach to prostituted women. What pisses me off? Patriarchy, injustice and the multitude of ways women are hurt by it. It breaks my heart that women and children, usually the innocent ones, suffer so unfairly because of it.
But what problem am I trying to solve? Trafficking, maybe? Injustice? I don’t know. The truth is I am tired of fighting, tired of trying to change the impossible. And as I step back on sabbatical, I’m realizing, how tired I am of “the hustle.” Tired of trying to prove that this is a worthwhile fight. Tired of trying to prove that we’re a worthy investment.
I once told a friend, “I just have to accept that not everyone is going to care about this as much as I do.” And now I wonder if I still care. How much more energy or desire or creativity do I have in me to keep pursuing this dream?
I’ve begun to write a book about our experiences over the last 20 yrs. And again I’m running into the same problem, the hustle to get published, find an agent, sell copies…. How do I return to my first love and escape all the seemingly necessary hype? - name withheld 
3. I am currently beginning my career in Washington D.C. in a think tank. The position did not exist before for me, so while I am grateful to be able to define the scope of my own role in the organization, I am terrified of disappointing the people who made an investment in hiring me. Do you have any thoughts on how I can move forward in order to relieve that anxiety? Perhaps like you, I did grow up with an Asian tiger mom. The pressure she put on me when I was younger evolved into pressure I put on myself, where everything I do could be better and must be better. - Scott
4. Just listened to episode 1. Just what I needed. Thank you. What pisses me off is that often times the measure of how successful you are is in terms of how expensive and how much  stuff you have and how big your house is. Oh course money and earning a living is important but experiencing life to its fullest is truly important to me. So many people I know are "maybe someday" people. Others are "could of, would of, should of" people. We don't know when we'll leave this earth, living the life, experiencing the life without regrets is what I strive for. Big problem to solve... building the work from anywhere biz that will fit the travel lifestyle that my husband and I want to achieve. Have already started and recently made some very good shifts and am gaining clarity to grow biz. It's a process for sure, a journey. - Gayle
5. It took me over 30 years to finally find what brought me meaning in my life and I really loved episode #1 because it really does begin with the relationship you have with yourself, the way you view yourself, and the beliefs you have with yourself. But the problem I think is that no one feels safe anymore to be themselves. We’re exposed to about 10,000 advertisements telling us what to do, we have our culture (Asians for sure) where we often have a path set out for is to follow by our parents, and now we have social media where people spend so much time comparing themselves to others. I’m guilty giving in to all of these and its all this noise that exists that made me never feel safe to just be myself so that I can start really listening and hearing about what mattered to me the most. It’s whats helped me figured out my process that helps people feel safe and tune into their passions and talents as well. Thanks again for sharing! - Eugene
6. I’m working on a membership site but getting overwhelmed with how much content I need and trying to figure out how to target a very tough demographic (pro athletes). I want these guys to be able to handle their own stuff so they can still make it work after their career is over. Too many guys go broke cause they can’t do anything but their sport. I have a background in law and finance. And I was a sports agent. My plan was to have other experts like Attorney’s, investors, venture capitalists, accountants etc to show them how they can maximize their money now and after they are done playing. It’s so much more than just their branding on social. Does that make sense? Wanna make sure I don’t sound crazy lol — BJ
7. I don’t ever use Instagram, but because you mentioned on your latest post/podcast that this would be the best way to reach you, I decided to send you a DM. Your 150th episode was my first episode that I caught on your show. It’s interesting how our paths cross as you end one and begin your next journey. I have come across your name via my conversations with Jeff Brown and Cliff Ravenscraft. We don’t know each other personally nor have our paths crossed (yet). But, I want to take my morning out and let you know that if you needed to reach out to me re your “time off”, please feel free to do so at anytime. I have been through similar challenging episodes in my life and sometimes I just wished I knew someone who could relate to my/our story. - Vinod
8. Mike, I listened to your last podcast and was moved. I knew you were hurting but didn't know why and didn't ask out of decency for privacy. My prayers and brotherhood are with you and when you I ready I fully support your dating and search for love. Lemme know your type bro! God Bless! - Alduan


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