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You Are The Brand

Sep 14, 2016

Today's episode is all about identifying your ideal client. This is one of the most vital components of building a business, and this episode will outline three ways you can do this.

Here's a bit of the copy I used as an example in today's episode:

A Poor Example:

Our ideal customer uses our product to gain control of their finances. They want to take better control of their finances, so our service is useful for helping them gain control of their income and expenses.

A Better Example:

Alan is a 38 year old freelance graphic designer from Mississippi. He spends about 4 hours a week reading blog posts and following links on Twitter, and that is where he discovered a link that pointed to Harpoon.

Alan makes between $60,000 and $80,000 a year as a designer, yet feels like he doesn’t really have a good grasp on how much he is going to make in the next year, so he’s not sure if he should hustle for more work, or tell his wife: “Yes, we can easily take that vacation this summer”.

Alan spent 4 years working for a large agency in town, when he realized that he could do better on his own. He has been freelancing for 2 years now, and is interested in learning about honing his business skills as well as his design skills.

Alan is thinking that this could be the service that helps him to gain the needed control over his finances, giving him the confidence to embrace fatherhood without financial fears.

His wife is excited that they can take that vacation without Alan worrying about how much it all costs and his lost work income.

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