You Are The Brand

One of the keys to becoming more efficient in marketing is to repurpose your content. 

I'm reminded of the wise words of Uncle Scrooge McDuck from Disney's cartoon Ducktales: "Work smarter, not harder." In this episode, I share nine ways you can repurpose content based on three different types of source material.

If the source material is a podcast:

  • podcasts transcribed into blog posts
  • blog posts repurposed into articles
  • articles repurposed into keynotes

If the source material is a blog post:

  • blog posts repurposed into podcasts
  • podcasts become series, repurposed into coaching courses
  • coaching courses repurposed into e-books

If the source material is a webinar:

  • webinars repurposed into keynotes
  • keynote slides repurposed into lead magnets
  • lead magnets repurposed into a product
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