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Andy Storch is a performance coach, speaker, consultant, and the author of the new book, Own Your Career, Own Your Life. He is the host of not one, but two podcasts and the founder and host of the Talent Development Think Tank conference. Andy has unfortunately been battling cancer but you would never know it because he always has a smile on his face and an infectious, never-quit attitude.


Andy has been on the show before but this time we discussed his creative process for writing his book and what owning your career means. Here’s a hint -- you don’t have to leave your nine-to-five to live a happy and fulfilled life! This book is meant to help people map out a career and live with intention.


We discussed the book writing process, how to create new corporate learning opportunities, and what feedback culture is. We also go into:


  • The idea behind his book, who it’s for, and why you should wait to write a book until you are more established in your business.
  • The mistakes people make when they take a job because it pays well or is convenient, rather than working at a job that fits into their goals.
  • How to get new skills and perfect the skills that you have by practicing and getting critical feedback from your peers.




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