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You Are The Brand

Dec 9, 2020

Scott Aemisegger is an expert on childhood trauma. He has both the knowledge and experience from dealing with it in his own kids’ lives. I brought him onto the show to teach all of us about this extremely important topic.

Though business can feel like an extension of us when we have personal brands, it is really just a part of our lives. That is why I’m so passionate about holistically looking at my life and helping all of you do the same. Even if you don’t have kids, you can take a lot out of this conversation just as an entrepreneur. Scott and I discuss:

  1. His family background and how it’s influenced his work
  2. The steps he took to walk through his children’s trauma
  3. The mindset of a child with trauma when he or she is under top-down authority
  4. How to help your child heal from trauma
  5. What to look for in the key contact areas your child spends time in
  6. How to regulate your child’s environment before relating to and reasoning with them
  7. The mindset shift Scott went through as a parent and business owner
  8. My own experience with childhood trauma




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