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You Are The Brand

Nov 11, 2020

You may have heard the saying numbers don’t lie. It’s true. If that’s the case, I don’t understand why so many personal brand builders, entrepreneurs, and freelancers avoid our numbers.


That’s why I brought Jim Adams onto the show. Jim is a consultant and brick and mortar business owner who believes that in order to effectively scale your business, you need to know your numbers. He has helped hundreds of small business owners go to the next level in their businesses. Over the last year, he also grew his own pavilion business by 80%.


We all need to treat our businesses with the same respect and seriousness that we would if we owned a brick and mortar business. So, in this episode, Jim helps us understand how he grew his own brick and mortar during a global pandemic and shares his knowledge and insight around numbers. Tune in to hear:

  1. What numbers the everyday entrepreneur needs to know
  2. When to start looking at your numbers
  3. How to assess if and when to cut off a product that’s not profitable
  4. When to start hiring for your personal brand
  5. What to focus on first as a start-up
  6. Tried and true business principles for every kind of entrepreneur
  7. How to build relationships




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