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You Are The Brand

Nov 4, 2020

In this very interesting episode, I’m sharing a snippet from a coaching call with one of my clients, Nick Cavuoto. He asked me how to target a market who’s earning a certain revenue number. That’s a great starting point question, but I wanted to unpack the huge difference between making $120,000 and $300,000. It’s not different because of the revenue number but because of how that money is made. Very few people in the personal brand industry talk about how to get from one revenue level to the next. I feel a responsibility, though, to give you the overall picture so you know which path to take. Tune in to hear me talk about:


  1. An overview of my first few years in this business.
  2. What adding live events did to my revenue.
  3. The power of partnerships in accelerating your brand.
  4. Being the jelly to your partners’ peanut butter.
  5. The shiny object syndrome.
  6. Why just buying products and courses won’t get you anywhere.
  7. Finding your unique peg to stand on.


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