You Are The Brand

Dr. Lisa Olszewski is a licensed chiropractor and the founder of The American Institute of Healthy Living, Healthy Living Simple, and Keto Virtual Summit. She has made the pivot that so many people struggle to make. She transitioned from a practice into a personal brand. Though she still sees her patients, she’s started a podcast, founded a virtual summit, and made an appearance in a documentary. In our conversation, we talk about:


  1. What building her brand has been like for her
  2. What she’s done with her brick and mortar practice
  3. Everything she does in her personal brand now
  4. Her interview for A Better Way: Discover What’s Keeping America Sick
  5. What’s working and what’s not working in her marketing
  6. How she navigates requests for guidance in areas where she has no experience
  7. The law of attraction vs. marketing through content


If you’re in health, government, law, education, or another highly regulated industry and want to pivot to a personal brand, you’ll get a lot out of this discussion with Lisa.



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