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You Are The Brand

Jul 22, 2020

Ben Settle is a copywriter who is unabashedly himself. He sends out a weekly paper newsletter called Email Players, a resource that has been very influential for my career over the last few years. Ben writes with a very unique voice and isn’t afraid to be polarizing. As someone who runs a 7-figure business doing nothing but writing emails, he knows how to use mockery as a marketing tactic. He shares his expertise on this with us today.


In the episode, we talk about:

1. How he got into the copywriting space

2. How he grew his email list without using social media

3. Why mockery is more persuasive than appealing to the mob

4. Politics as the purest form of branding

5. Rhetoric vs. dialectic

6. Why he doesn’t ask people to buy

7. The importance of honesty in copywriting




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