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You Are The Brand

Jul 15, 2020

Dorie Clark has been ranked the #1 Communication Coach in the world. She is also the author of Reinventing You, a book that was very impactful for my career.

I met Dorie at a networking event in New York City a few years ago and from then on have been trying to get her on the show. As an expert in self-reinvention and helping others make changes in their lives, I knew she could provide a clear path forward for all of you as she did for me.


In this episode, we talk about:

1. Her predictions for the next few years in the workplace

2. Her journey towards entrepreneurship

3. The mindset shift that made her realize she could start a business

4. What makes an interesting story

5. Her newest book, Entrepreneurial You

6. How to stay ahead of the curve in the personal brand world

7. What it takes to write a book




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