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Dana Malstaff is an author and the founder of She’s built a multiple 7-figure business by focusing on the one niche of moms. We really connected at an Agents of Change conference where we were both speakers and I soon found out how she was using Facebook groups for her brand. When she showed me I wasn’t doing them the right way, I knew I needed to bring her on to teach all of us how to use them correctly.


In the episode, we talk about:

1. How Dana built her business

2. The amazing success Boss Mom has had and the strategies Dana implemented to get it to that point

3. The importance of going from teacher mode to facilitator mode

4. Setting boundaries for your Facebook group

5. Establishing brand congruency in your posts

6. Visualizing your group as a city

7. What kinds of questions to ask in the group

8. How to use prompts

9. Facebook groups for paid programs

10. How and when to promote your products in your group

11. The Pie of Engagement


There is a ton of great information shared in this episode. If you want to learn how to use a Facebook group to build a community that generates more leads, be sure to extract all the value you can from today’s episode.




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