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A lot of us want to build online courses, but we don’t know what it actually takes to make them successful. I’m always looking for a way I can make my courses better because I care about the people who take them. So, in today’s episode, Dr. Carrie Rose will be explaining the ins and outs of creating a successful online course. When she first got into the online marketing world, she realized that online courses weren’t following the best practices she knew from the world of education and set out to change that conversation. As someone with a PhD and over a decade of experience in public education, she knows what she’s talking about. In the episode, she shares:


1. How the human brain does and does not connect to content

2. The cognitive dissonance dance

3. The extremely low completion rate for online courses and how she helps her clients raise it

4. How we can get our students to think critically

5. The importance of creating clearly defined objectives and focus questions

6. The general progression of caring for our students

7. The metrics for measuring the success of an online course

8. How to reduce disorientation for our students




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