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Scott Voelker is the founder and host of The Amazing Seller, a top-ranked podcast that helps everyday people start and grow online e-commerce businesses. I met Scott about a year ago at the Puerto Rico masterminds and we talked for hours about life and business. He’s in a different internet marketing space than I am, but what he talked about piqued my interest. I’ve thought about diversifying my income streams in the past, and now more than ever us entrepreneurs need to be considering these things. So, in this episode, Scott explains how to diversify and future proof our businesses. He talks about:


1. The cornerstone that is your email list

2. Evergreen assets and the importance of getting traffic

3. Monetizing our chosen database

4. Starting other brands to diversify your revenue

5. The difference between personal brands and e-commerce

6. How uncomfortable moments show us who we really are and what we really want




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