You Are The Brand

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: marketing isn’t about closing a sale; it’s about opening a relationship. And the About You page, as one of your most effective marketing tools, must be written with that purpose in mind. We want to open a relationship with the readers by showing them what our story can do for them. Here are the 5 steps to doing so from the perspective of the reader:

#1. Tell me what your business is about.

#2. Tell me when to expect certain pieces of content.

#3. Tell me to subscribe or opt-in to your channel and/or resources (i.e. your email list).

#4. Tell me what content to engage in first (i.e. specific blog posts).

#5. Then tell me your personal story and invite me to take a next step.

I’ve had great results with this formula, and know you will too. For the free PDF outlining all of the information talked about in this episode, head to\aboutpage. And for further reference, see my About page at




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