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Matthew Kimberley is the author of the profane and shouty guide to personal development, How To Get A F*cking Grip

Recently, Matthew and I shared the stage at Todd Herman’s PerformanceCon in San Diego, and while Matthew is one of my favorite email copywriters and personal brands (really, you should check out to see how he brands himself) –– he’s also one of the most interesting people I’ve met in the past year.

Note: because of the title of Matthew’s book, this episode naturally has some light profanity in it. If that upsets you, don’t tune in.

We discuss everything from how to write delightful emails, how to random ideas such as:

  • If you find that the grass is often greener, it’s time to buy some fertilizer.
  • Advancement and progress are what keeps civilization civilized. But they’re also what gave us nuclear weapons and daytime TV.
  • Some have it worse than others. Some of us were born in the arse-end of the country to a family of inbred petty criminals with facial tattoos and Neolithic attitudes to women and literacy.

What a way to start the new year on the podcast :-)


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