You Are The Brand

Want to write a book? Whether you’re looking to self-publish or land a traditional book deal, one thing is for sure: a great book starts with a great concept.

Chad Allen is a writer, speaker, editor, and writing coach. A 20-year publishing professional, he has worked with such bestselling authors as Michael Hyatt, Caroline Leaf, and Mark Batterson. 

He is the creator of Book Proposal Academy, an online course, and BookCamp, a mentoring and community hub for writers. His passion is helping writers get their books into the world, and he blogs at

A few questions I asked Chad during this interview:

  • How did you find yourself in the book-publishing industry?
  • If you had to narrow down what publishers are looking for to three things, what would they be?
  • I think most of my listeners understand the importance of platform and good writing, so let's talk about book concepts. How do you come up with a good one?
  • How do writers pitch their book idea to publishers?
  • What goes into a book proposal? 
  • How have you seen writers shoot themselves in the foot in a book proposal?
  • How can writers make their proposals stand out?

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