You Are The Brand

“If you don’t have an executive assistant, you are one.” When Trivinia Barber, founder of Priority VA, told me this I knew she was right.

What I needed was a team I could trust (duh) but I didn’t know how to build one, especially a virtual team. In this episode, I asked Trivinia to share the same frameworks she walked me through including the Four Buckets:

  1. What you don’t know how to do
  2. What you don’t have time to do
  3. What you hate to do
  4. What only YOU can do

She also shared with me the 3 Types Of Executive Assistants: the Stabilizer, the Promoter, and the Closer.

If you’re looking to win back your time so you can focus on the more critical tasks of your business, tune into this informative interview.

Resources From This Episode:

The Priority VA Team Building Assessment

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