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You Are The Brand

Nov 21, 2017

I have committed to living everyday in my Zone of Genius.

The Zone of Genius is a concept penned by one Gay Hendricks in a book titled The Big Leap.

Hendricks contends that all of our problems in life stem from one BIG problem: The Upper Limit Problem (or ULP! for short).

The Upper Limit Problem essentially prevents us from sustained enjoyment of our success … because we subconsciously don’t feel we deserve it. Thus, we end up sabotaging ourselves so that we somehow fall back into our lesser selves.

The zone ABOVE the Upper Limit Problem is what he calls the Zone of Genius.

The Zone of Genius is where we truly thrive, where our very best talents and abilities allow us to expand everyday in success, love and abundance - and by doing so, inspire others to do the same.

There are 4 false beliefs that prevent us from living in our Zone of Genius:

  1. that we are fundamentally flawed in some way
  2. that by succeeding, we’re being disloyal or leaving people in our past behind
  3. that we are a burden to the world
  4. that we must dim the bright lights of our brilliance so we don’t outshine someone in our past

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