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You Are The Brand

Oct 31, 2017

I'm a big baseball fan (go Yankees!) and been watching a lot of playoff baseball of late. That got me thinking about 5-tool players. 

In baseball, a 5-tool player can hit for power, hit for average, run, throw, and play great defense. These players are invaluable to a team, but they also have clearly delineated roles, even if they can do EVERYTHING well.

In the thought leadership space, I see 5-tool players as people who can:

  1. Speak
  2. Write
  3. Coach
  4. Consult
  5. Market

This has a huge impact on your income streams. Why?

  • If you can speak, then you can keynote, host seminars, or podcast.
  • If you can write, you can monetize books and blog posts.
  • If you can coach, you can provide 1-on-1 services, group coaching cohorts, or run mastermind groups.
  • If you can consult, you can provide strategy, tactics, or advice for high fees.
  • If you can market, you can do that for others (or for yourself, and save a ton of expenses)

I have a new saying: "Money flows to mastery and flees from mediocrity."

That means, even if you do all these things well, you still have to tell the market which of these skills you are a MASTER of ... and there can only be one.

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