You Are The Brand

Are you aware of your competitive advantage? Most people don't, and it's because they're not even sure what kind of competitive advantages are out there.

In this episode, I unpack 5 competitive distinct advantages:

  1. Price
  2. Affinity
  3. Authority
  4. Skill
  5. Availability

Here are some snippets from today's episode:

  • What I learned about competition during a dinner with the owner of Connecticut's largest moving company. (3:03)
  • The 5 types of competitive advantages you need to be aware of (4:43)
  • The story Ken Davis, founder of SCORRE, told me about why pricing himself so low actually closed doors for his speaking business. (5:59)
  • Why you must set a yearly revenue goal. (7:40)
  • Why you need a "cash-cow" offer. (8:20)
  • How many people really unsubscribe from my email list everytime I send a message. (15:08)
  • How to establish authority even if you don't have clients. (18:50)
  • How being intentional about these 5 things gives you a "marketing grip" that can't be denied. (22:50)

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Donald Miller and StoryBrand

Ken Davis and the SCORRE Conference

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