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You Are The Brand

Aug 30, 2022

Over the past two to three years, I’ve been on a journey of learning how to channel energy. A lot of credit goes to my friend Nick Cavuoto – serial entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and personal branding expert. One of his gifts is energy work – he is very in tune with his own energy and the energy of those around him.

Recently, instead of thinking to myself, “what if everything goes wrong?” I’ve been telling myself, “what if everything goes great?” So I went to Los Angeles on a whim and just let the week play out. Stay tuned for episode 344 for more on my week in LA.

In this episode, Nick answers questions like:

  • What does life look like for someone who sees people through a lens of energy first?
  • What does he see most often when working with entrepreneurs who wear a lot of hats?
  • What would he fix if he could wave a magic wand to help transform someone?
  • What did he learn from meeting with a monk?

We also talk about psychedelics, affirmations, and more!

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