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You Are The Brand

Apr 26, 2022

Now that You Are The Brand Live is over and I’ve had time to reflect, I wanted to unpack some of my thoughts. Sometimes we finish a big project and immediately move on to the next one which can make us miss out on the lessons we gleaned from the experience. I believe that how you leave one season is how you enter the next. I kept a note on my phone with four questions so I can take stock of where I am right now before moving on. In this episode, I share the four things I’ve reflected on following the event.

  • What I felt could’ve been better for the event overall
  • What went well for the event overall
  • What was personally meaningful to me about the event
  • How I emotionally felt in the aftermath of the event

I also answer some “post-game review” questions provided by coach and speaker, Lauren Johnson.

If you are interested in accessing the recordings from the event, we will have them for sale on sometime in the next few weeks.


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