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PJ Taei is the owner and founder of Uscreen, a subscription-based video-distribution and monetization platform. There are over 5,000 personal brands and businesses selling their videos online with Uscreen. Video isn’t the only strategy to use to market your business but is becoming an increasingly popular one. I wanted to delve into it with PJ because he has the behind the scenes look at what people like us are doing. It’s incumbent on us to make our content as easy to consume as possible. If you’re looking for a way to do so, tune in.


In the episode, we talk about:

1. Where PJ sees video going in the years to come

2. How entrepreneurs can gain confidence in video marketing

3. How to connect with your audience through video

4. What success in a video marketing campaign looks like

5. How to generate leads through video and use the funnel from there

6. Best practice regarding the frequency of content creation

7. The value (or lack of value) in putting podcasts on YouTube

8. How to humanize your brand and build trust using video




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