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You Are The Brand

Jul 1, 2020

Andy Storch is a talent development coach, the host of two podcasts, and the founder of the Talent Development Think Tank. He’s built a career in the corporate world by using a personal brand, proving it’s very possible to succeed in a niche outside of the norm. If you don’t want to work with other entrepreneurs and want to go into the corporate space, you’ll want to listen to Andy share what he’s done and how he’s done it.


Specifically, he talks about:

1. How he got into the talent development space

2. What first step he took to land clients in his niche

3. How podcasting boosted his success

4. Experiential learning

5. What he thinks about the future of corporate consulting in our changing world


This is a topic we don’t talk a lot about on the podcast, but we do know the riches are in the niches. Andy has built a unique niche and can help us do the same. 




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