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You Are The Brand

Nov 28, 2018

Liz Pineda helps online entrepreneurs transform their knowledge into recurring revenue by helping them building sales funnels and other high-performing lead generation systems.


I first met Liz in 2017 and contracted her to build evergreen funnels around some old products and the results were absolutely amazing. She was able to take a course I created years ago in a niche market and setup a Facebook evergreen funnel from A to Z -- to the tune of $7,000 in sales in the first 45 days.


In short, Liz made me a believer in this kind of marketing and I’m so excited to share this interview with you. I can’t say enough about her. Here are a few questions I asked Liz:


  • "How to know if your funnel will be profitable before you launch it?"
  • “Where do I even start when building a sales funnel?”
  • "What are the typical lead magnets that are most successful in putting a funnel together?"
  • "When can you expect to make your money back from a funnel?"
  • “Are there any secret ‘hacks’ that people use when building sales funnels?”
  • “Where is the money really made in a funnel?”


This episode is absolute gold for anyone that wants to turn their online business into a recurring revenue machine.


FREE RESOURCE: For tuning in, Liz is giving you her amazing guide, The 5 Ingredients of Virtually Every Sales Funnel.


Download The 5 Ingredients of Virtually Every Sales Funnel here


She also mentioned a calculator so you can test against the benchmarks in your industry which you can find here.


Liz’s website:

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